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  • For the regular Holy Terp Line (Couch Lock, Peacemaker, Chill, Jack, The Doctor, or Philosopher) follow the Guide below.
  • For PURE, follow the Guide below except that use a 0.1 mL - 0.5 mL per gram of concentrate instead of the 2 (g or mL Holy Terp) : 1 gram of concentrate as illustrated below using the regular Holy Terp line.
  • Remember that it does not take a lot of PURE to liquefy your concentrate. Depending the concentrate type, it will typically take anywhere from 0.1 mL - 0.5 mL to liquefy 1 gram of concentrate. For PURE, with honey oils it will require you to add closer to 0.1 mL, for solid concentrates it will be closer to 0.5 mL.




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